DVD - the King’s Plan for your tournament success


How to increase your mental strength, sidestep psychological pitfalls and optimise your thought process.


What are the defining components of practical playing strength?

Aside of the obvious factors chess knowledge and tournament practice, there are two further, unjustly neglected factors:


  1. How to activate all of the strength available to me at the critical moment? How to evade the numerous psychological pitfalls hindering me from realising my full potential over the board?

  2. How to optimally approach a chess position in general? How can I blend precise calculation and positional feel?

On this DVD, GM Stefan Kindermann presents the results of nearly 20 years of researching this fascinating topic, based on many practical examples. The DVD also features an extensive game database for further studies. Video running time: 3hours, 47 minutes, price: €27,90



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