Format - Interview on the King’s Plan (German)

Immer einen Zug voraus (Always a Move Ahead)

Die Wirtschaft - Interview with Stefan Kindermann (German)

Zug um Zug zum Erfolg (Move by Move towards Success)

Portrait of The Munich Chess Foundation in the Süddeutsche Zeitung (German)

Die Magie der Bauern (The Magic Of The Pawns)

Interview with Stefan Kindermann in Beautyzoom (German)

Schach macht schön (Chess Makes Beautiful)

Interview with Stefan Kindermann in Sport Insider (German)

Sportinsider Interview with Stefan Kindermann

Stefan Kindermann commenting games of the 2014 world chess championship on SZ-online (German)

Chess expert Kindermann analyses the world championship games

Chessbase Interview with Stefan Kindermann 

GM Stefan Kindermann: Author, Coach, Chess Teacher

impulse - Das Unternehmer-Magazin (magazine for entrepreneurs):

Royal Passion: How Entrepreneurs Profit From The Game Of Chess

Personalmesse Personal Austria (Human Resource Management Exhibition Personal Austria):

What Managers Learn From Chess


Successes under Pressure?

Finance Magazin:

Checkmate in the M&A Process

Manager Magazin Online:

Not Learning Chess, But Learning From Chess

The King’s Plan in Fachmagazin Personalführung 4/2013:

Extreme, But Not Eccentric: Athletes, Musicians and Artists as Potential Talents for Companies

The King’s Plan in Fachmagazin Personalführung 7/2011:

With Chess to Business Success?

ZEITmagazin 23.11.2011:

Dr Helmut Pfleger about a chess combination and reviewing the "The King’s Plan" by Stefan Kindermann and Professor Bn Robert von Weizsäcker.

Schachmagazin Karl 1.1.2011:

The chess magazine KARL published a review in its January 2011 issue

BR-alpha 25.01.2010:

Use your brain optimally! Success through mnemonic training
[find on BR-online]

SZ 02.12.2009:
Hanni Kinnateder, Castling for Life: Chess as a Career booster [Download ]


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