Strategic Communication

Precisely Preparing and Successfully Conducting Negotiations and Interviews

Especially in difficult negotiations and complex interviews the King’s Plan’s clear structure combined with its psychological elements will do wonders. This practice-oriented seminar focuses on strategic preparation of an upcoming business conversation, featuring a precise analysis of its goal.

It also stresses the importance of understanding your opposite´s point of view and being able to convince them on a personal level. Thus typical problems and pitfalls can be sidestepped, rendering this seminar a good exercise in constructive and profitable communications.

 Focusing and Decision-making

On Dealing with Time Pressure and Insecurity

Being able to direct all your mental powers towards the task at hand, even when under time pressure and stress, is of the utmost importance in our time of overstimulation, even more so in modern management. At the same time, we have to make decisions in the mist of uncertainty time and again. This is everyday stuff for a chess master. Top players have practiced dealing with such situations for decades. In this seminar the participants will learn the best strategies developed by chess grandmasters in order to build up strong concentration and make good decisions under time pressure.

Mental Coaching According to the King´s Plan

Beginning in The Best State of Mind

The best techniques of the chess grandmasters – learn the five steps to achieve the optimal state of mind for performing excellently. Here is how you give a meaning to your goal and activate all available resources at the critical moment. In doing so, you can turn fear and nervousness into mighty allies. This technique is optimally suited to gear up for a difficult task at short notice.

CCrash Course Chess

With chess grandmaster Stefan Kindermann and international Dijana Dengler: from zero to 64 in just 3 hours! Discover a new universe in no time. The unique King’s Plan instruction makes for a quick, exciting and very entertaining entry to the royal game! In the end, the participants will know all the chess rules and can try their hand at some games of their own. This also goes well on the eve of a King’s Plan seminar.