Focus like a chess grandmaster – the secrets of blindfold play

A star combo: a practical lecture and a spectacular show.

Keynote speech Part 1 by Chess Grandmaster Stefan Kindermann:

What is blindfolded chess? Its fascinating history from world wonder to an effective concentration exercise.

Blindfold Show:

Seeing with your mind’s eye: put into practice by chess grandmaster Stefan Kindermann with live comments by international Dijana Dengler: this performance always creates a great impression, especially with a lay audience. The grandmaster keeps 32 chess pieces on 64 squares in his head and demonstrates mental acrobatics at a high level. Transmitted to a screen and accompanied by lively and witty comments, this will entertain and captivate the audience. The organiser can freely choose the opponent of the blindfolded chess master.

Keynote speech Part 2 by Chess Grandmaster Stefan Kindermann and international Dijana Dengler:

How does the blindfold player achieve this extraordinary feat? How to utilise these concentration techniques for yourself.

Classic simultaneous display by the Chess Grandmaster: 

A game with a chess grandmaster is an unforgettable experience for any chess lover. At such a spectacular event, the chess grandmaster will take on up to 30 opponents.

Keynote Speaker Stefan Kindermann